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Monday, October 02, 2006

Gambling ban - Legislation without representation

After reviewing what transpired this weekend in the US Congress I am appalled.

The abuse of power by Senator Frist, Majority Leader should be appalling to all for this was passing legislation without representation. It is disturbing that the Majority Leader could take a bill he knew could not pass on its own and place it within Must Pass legislation. Not only is this a horrid abuse of power, but it strikes fear in my heart. What else does Senator Frist want passed that has no support in Congress - that he will place within Must Pass legislation. What else will Senator Frist do under the cover of darkness?

And Senator Frist has plans to run for the presidency in 2008 - how could someone like that be trusted by the American people??

No matter what your view on gambling - all Americans should be concerned with the Senators' actions. I was so distressed I was motivated to design Legislation without representation

Legislation without representation - Senator Frist abuse of power

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Thursday, September 14, 2006

WooHoo Red T-shirts ... Okay Cardinal tees

Yesterday I bopped on over to one of my Cafepress shops and there it was.... my black t-shirt designs were automatically appearing on a RED t-shirt. Now I don't normally use words like awesome... but this is AWESOME!!

For those of you not familiar with Cafepress, as a shop owner, in the past any new product required a huge effort in adding it to your shop. The red t-shirt is the first product that just appeared all by itself :) I do have a lot of black t-shirts with text in red (I just love red text on black) so those I will have to redo for the red tees. Got my fingers crossed I can find all the Photoshop designs :)

This is how great the new t-shirts look --- first the original black tee and than the new cardinal tee

My Heart is in Afghanistan Black T-Shirt

My Heart is in Afghanistan Red T-Shirt

I was concerned that some of the reds would not look good on the new Cardinal t-shirts, but the hearts look terrific.

With the renewed fighting in Afghanistan, military family and friends can show their support for their loved ones in either the black tees or the new red tees. Course I'd be oh so happy if they decided they needed both!!


Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Ninth rock from the sun aka Pluto

Who are these guys? Who made them boss of the Universe? A group of astronomers get together and decide to strip Pluto of it's planetness (is that a word??) Unbelievable.

The good news - another group of astronomers have gotten together and they disagree. Nothing more exciting than watching a group of scientists have a knock down drag out fight.... Okay I can dream :)

Can you imagine the Pluto tourist who has just arrived only to find his home planet is well, er... no longer a planet. Introductions will be so awkward. "say Sid, where'd you say you were from?" Sid replies "the ninth rock from the sun.... er...formerly known as Planet Pluto" How embarrassing.

Ninth rock from the sun formerly known as Planet Pluto Black T-Shirt

All you aliens from the ninth rock are going to look mighty fine in this sexy black tee


Sunday, September 03, 2006

My nightmare Speaker of the House Pelosi

Pelosi for Speaker of the House I heard that this morning and quite frankly it scared the hell out of me. A California democrats values are diametrically opposite the values of middle America. As a rural American the thought of Pelosi in a position of power is a nightmare. Pelosi tried to get Matricula Consular (Mexican consulate issued IDs') cards accepted as valid ID at the federal building in San Francisco - so her "constituents" could visit her office there. Why don't they have valid US id??? Oh, cause they are illegal aliens - therefore they are not her constituents. Or are they?? Maybe Pelosi is representing the Peoples of Mexico. I got so fired up about this - who exactly is illegally coming across our southen border - I just had to do something...

Speaker Pelosi? Vote Republican to make sure Speaker Pelosi is only a bad nightmare Black T-Shirt

I know the mid-term elections are usually not a great draw at the polls. If Republicans do not get out the vote Speaker Pelosi might be a nightmare that comes true.


Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Tuesdays Topic - Celebrations

Tuesdays Topic - I've been participating in this last couple of weeks. Just a little something to get the creative juices flowing. It is like a weekly book club meeting, only there isn't any book :)

This weeks topic - celebrations. Normally one thinks about birthdays or weddings but there are other things in life to celebrate. Mine? My mother has been quite ill and was in a rehab center for a couple of months. She came home last week. Just the fact that she has come home is a reason to celebrate. To Celebrate Life. It has been a long and difficult time for her. She still has medical challenges, but things are improving.

Celebrate life

The flamingo makes me smile. Be happy. Is there any other way to celebrate life?


Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Travel among the stars - always a dream

Travel among the stars. A friend asked if I could travel anywhere where would I go? Instantly an image of the night sky flashed and with great sorrow I realized my dreams of travel among the stars would always remain a dream. When growing up I always believed space travel would be commonplace and I would live among the stars. Today I doubt if humans will ever venture into the beyond. How did this happen? How did the sense of wonder and discovery disappear? Since the mysteries of the night sky are now shrouded by the lights of the big cities does anyone look to the sky in awe and wonder?

I still do. As a child my bedroom was filled with images of the night sky. Of course the images themselves were a mystery. The telescopes of my childhood did not deliver the clarity and true magnificence of the galaxy.

My favorite was Orion. The Hunter beckoned me and I wished I could go.

Orion the hunter, the Light of Heaven poster or print
Sword of Orion Poster, print and more

I am not the only one that Orion has beckoned. Orion is the name of the shuttle fleet replacement. Until the official announcement next week Orion is shrouded in mystery


Friday, August 18, 2006

Movie rumors - Star Trek

Star Trek movie rumors - I hope they are true. The latest blurb is the Mirror Universe is revisited. This will allow the mixing of old and new - Kirk, Picard and Archer. What fun!!! Hope they add the Borg... there have been many wonderful Star Trek villains, but none compares to the Borg. Is there any greater fear than to lose ones free will and become a machine? Well the rumor was my inspiration for this CafePress design

You will be assimilated Black T-Shirt